RSF Fireplaces, Collingwood, ON

You can’t go wrong with RSF fireplaces for modern features and impressive heat output in your Collingwood, ON home.

RSFRSF fireplaces is a division of Industrial Chimney Company (ICC) – a company that Collingwood, ON customers have trusted for over 23 years for the best in chimneys and fireplaces. They currently offer nine different RSF fireplace models, giving you the freedom of choice you desire and need. RSF fireplaces come in everything from a rustic, refined style to one with classic elegance. Whether you want a single door, hidden door or even a bay window style, you can’t go wrong with RSF fireplaces for modern features and impressive heat output.

RSF fireplaces are crafted to last a very long time, as evidenced by their 30-year limited warranty. You can also feel good about using an RSF fireplace in your Collingwood, ON home because they are very efficient and are chosen to minimize your impact on the environment. You’ll enjoy the ambiance of an RSF fireplace, as well as the savings it brings. The increase in the value of your home is another benefit.

If you would like to know more about RSF fireplaces, contact us at B&R Heating & Cooling. We’ll be glad to show you the various models available and help you choose the right one and the right configuration for your needs. RSF performance can be enhanced with heat distribution options, as well. We also carry other brands of fireplaces – both wood and gas – so we are confident we can help you have a warm and cozy home this year and for many years to come! Breathe Fresh. Breathe B&R. Exceeding customer expectations!