With the help of Miles Industries, Valor has been heating Canadian homes since 1977. Their fireplaces don’t require power to heat your home, they are energy-efficient, and they are available in a wide variety of options and styles. Here’s just one example of a Valor direct vent fireplace:

Valor Fireplaces Come with Some Impressive Standard Features

You can be certain that there’s a Valor fireplace for you. If you live in the Collingwood area of Ontario, let our experts at B&R Heating & Cooling help with your choice.

Most Valor gas fireplaces come with the following standard features:

  • Remote Control: Easily program, select and adjust the temperature you want, lowering your overall heating costs and saving energy. Moreover, a built-in timer can turn the fireplace on to make your home toasty before you wake up. And when you’ve gone to bed, it can be programmed to switch off.


  • Wall Switch: You get secondary control of your fireplace at the touch of a button. Plus, you can turn the fireplace on or off and adjust the flame height.


  • Electricity-Free: Valor fireplaces are engineered to distribute air through natural convection, and they are very efficient without a blower – even if one is installed – circulating reliable heat even if there’s a power failure. There’s a continual flow of both naturally convected warm air and radiant heat constantly warming objects in its path, including human bodies.
  • Pilot On-Demand: You can switch the pilot light on and off from the remote control for extra energy savings when not using the fireplace for extended periods.
  • ValorComfort: All residential Valor gas fireplaces come with a limited lifetime warranty.