Valor fireplacesValor has long been recognized as an industry leader in fireplace manufacturing, and together with Miles Industries, they pioneered the combination of efficiency and aesthetics to make a fireplace that not only worked, but looked good, too.

Today, Valor strives to be a leader in innovative, energy-efficient home comfort products in North America. Valor fireplaces use advanced heat technology and state-of-the-art comfort control, which separates Valor from competitors who focus mostly on aesthetics and only provide a small amount of heat.

Valor fireplaces come in many different designs, including inserts, linears, zero clearance and freestanding fireplaces.

  • Inserts are an efficient, reliable product that can be adapted to fit into your existing fireplace cavity. Valor inserts offer advanced comfort controls and remarkable heat performance.
  • Linear fireplaces offer a stunning, widescreen display and are available in one-sided and two-sided formats.
  • Zero clearance fireplaces are suitable for new construction or when renovating. These superior performance fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere,
  • Valor’s freestanding fireplaces can turn your once-cold basement or unused corner into a warm comfort zone. These fireplaces boast an impressive flame and uniquely styled iron cast body, which adds bold character to your space.

Among these options, you have a wide range of colours, materials and styles. Whether you prefer traditional, cotemporary or something in between, Valor has a design that will suit your taste. If you’re looking for a beautiful, stylish, heat-producing yet energy efficient fireplace with modern features available, then Valor fireplaces are definitely an option you should consider!