When Thinking about Heat Pumps, Think Mitsubishi!Mitsubishi Electric is a proud partner of Energy Star. Mitsubishi’s entire range of single-split wall heat pumps has earned Energy Star certification. A good-quality heat pump can provide up to 4½ times the amount of heat for the same price as operating a conventional heater.

For a product in this category, Energy Star certification is the highest award for efficiency. So it’s always a good sign when a product is at the top of its category.

For people who live where temperatures often drop to below freezing during winter, it’s important to look for heat pumps that are able to provide good heating performance at 2 degrees Celsius or less. This provides a far better indication of actual performance when the temperature drops.

Heat pumps with extra energy-saving features can lower your electricity bill and increase your heat pump’s efficiency by enabling you to control your settings accurately. For example, a feature like the 7-day controller allows you to make sure you wake up in the morning and come home at the end of the day to a comfortable temperature without wasting heat that you don’t need.


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