Beautiful FireplaceIt’s summer. It’s hot. The air conditioning is running 24/7, you’re wearing shorts and a tank top and you’re STILL sweating . . . ugh. We live in Canada. It’s too cold in the winter, and it’s SO hot in the summer.

So WHY would you EVER think about installing a fireplace in your house NOW? Don’t lie; you know you haven’t.  But you should!

Summertime is the perfect time to install that fireplace. A fireplace is a beautiful, aesthetic additive to your home’s interior, so when we’re finished, you can enjoy it immediately, even if you don’t turn it on for several more months.

Also, think about the ease of a relatively large renovation in part of your home in the middle of winter vs. the hot, sunny summer. We’re going to come over and work, and you’re going to . . . hang out in the pool? Go to the zoo? Pack the kids up and go do something fun? The options are much better in the summer.

It’s easier for us, too – we don’t have boots to wash snow off of, accidentally tracking slush through your living space, parkas to deal with, etc. Home improvements are absolutely doable when it’s cold outside, but this is so much easier!

And when you get back from the zoo, you’ll have a mantle to decorate and your house will be worth more! Win, win!

Call us today to find out about our different fireplace installation options – we only use the best from Napoleon, Regency, Valor, Pacific Energy, RSF and more – and how we can beautify and increase the value of your home. You’ll love what we can do!