Heating Repair You’ve relied on your home’s heating system to keep yourself and your family members warm and comfortable throughout the duration of the winter. However, now that winter is coming to a close, problems that have started to develop with your heating system may not seem like that big of a deal. While you may be able to get away with putting off these repairs, there are several reasons why we think you shouldn’t wait to call us for heating repair until next winter.

  • Decreased Efficiency- Although spring is almost in full-force, you likely have to keep your heater on fairly consistently, especially at night. When you don’t get heating repair done as soon as possible, you compromise the efficiency of your furnace. This can result in higher utility bills and contribute to more problems with your heating system. 
  • Limited Reliability- Living in Canada, you never know when you might need to turn on the heat in your home. If you don’t call us for heating repair as soon as you notice a problem, your heater might not work when you need it most. 
  • Failure to Work- When you put off letting us fix your heating system, you could run into a situation next winter where your heater fails to work altogether.

To make sure that your heating system is always ready to work efficiently at a moment’s notice and that you don’t have to get extensive repairs done at the beginning of the winter season next year, let us at B&R Heating & Cooling take care of all of your heating repair work as this year’s winter season comes to a close.