If you’re a first-time gas fireplace buyer, there’s a lot to consider before you commit to a new fixed piece in your home. Maybe you’ll decide on something that looks great and let the technical jargon come from your dealer. Talking about looks, see this sleek, gas-fired beauty from Napoleon:

Propane Fireplaces

As you probably know, only direct vent fireplaces are currently permitted in Canada because of the buildup of moisture in tightly sealed homes. But that’s fine because direct vent natural gas or propane fireplaces provide different venting options, including rear and top venting to allow for installation on walls with limited venting space.

There are 2 clean-burning fuel options – propane fireplaces or natural gas. Propane is great for any outdoor or indoor space, and the tank can be positioned anywhere, making this a convenient option for a portable fireplace or a fire pit. Propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, and is used as a fuel for inserts, stoves, fireplaces, barbecues and residential heating.

Natural gas is ideal for a home where there’s already a line installed. This means that making a choice between natural gas and propane fireplaces is a breeze. Natural gas is one of the most affordable forms of energy, even if you don’t have an existing line, but you have access to gas. A new line installation is not too pricey. While natural gas is clean-burning, it’s a fixed fuel source, so if you’re thinking portable, it’s not suitable unless you have a gas line installed outdoors for an outside fireplace.


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