Installing a FireplaceFireplaces are beautiful. No question. But did you know that adding that beauty to your home can actually turn into big returns in the future?

That’s right! Installing a gas fireplace can actually increase the value of your home by 6-12%. So if you spend $5,000 on installation of a gas fireplace in your $200,000 home, your home will then be worth $212,000! Pretty sweet deal!

Did you know it’s inexpensive to run a gas fireplace, too? So you’re not only adding value to the home, but you’re doing it with something you can enjoy for as little as 20 cents/hour.  And that 20 cents an hour in the seasons when your furnace is running like crazy will actually take some of the load off of your main heating costs.

Why are we bringing this up in the springtime? The spring & summer season is one of the best times to get your fireplace installed; it’s just easier to renovate when we’re not all battling snow drifts and sub-zero temperatures outside.  Put the fireplace in when it’s simpler for everyone, and enjoy its beauty the entire cold season when it comes.

Give us a call and find out about our amazing gas fireplace options, or wood, too, if you prefer. We use only the best from trusted brands like Napoleon, Regency, Valor, Pacific Energy, and RSF, and we want to make your home more enjoyable and more valuable!