Air ConditionersYou want to stay comfortable inside your house when the weather’s hot; that’s why you have an air conditioner. But you also want to keep your energy costs under control. A good way to balance these two priorities is to adjust your thermostat based on your habits, budget, and temperature preferences.

When you’re at home, a general recommendation is to set your thermostat for between 23-25 degrees Celsius; however, you can adjust and lower the temperature as needed. For example, many people like it a little cooler when they’re sleeping. However, if you’re going to be out of the house for at least 4 hours or on vacation, you can set your thermostat even higher, up to 31 degrees Celsius. This can greatly increase your energy savings, as it’s estimated that for every degree your thermostat is set above 25, it can shave up to 5%-10% off your energy bill.

How much energy air conditioners are using is also dependent on the difference in outside vs. inside temperature. If it’s 38 degrees outside, it will take your air conditioner a lot more electricity to cool the house to 23 degrees than if it’s only 27 degrees outside. So, if it’s a hotter day, you may consider raising the thermostat by a couple degrees to cut down on your electricity usage.

Additionally, using a ceiling fan along with your air conditioner can help you stay cooler at a warmer inside temperature, allowing you to boost your energy savings.