Air ConditioningAre you one of the poor people still living in Southern Ontario who HATES when summertime rolls around every year?  With climate change and summers warming up consistently, it’s really time to take the leap and get that central air conditioning unit installed!

If you’re like us, the first thing you do when you decide on a big purchase is hop online. Google becomes your best friend! But when you’re learning about air conditioners and BTUs and comparing prices and house sizes . . . well, do you REALLY know what size of unit you’re going to need?

Don’t get us wrong; Google is great! But what you REALLY need is a heat gain calculation.

What? Heat gain? But we’re talking about COOLING your hot and humid house!

Selecting the best unit, BTUs and all, is so much more than just taking the square-footage of your home and matching it up with a 1- or 2- tonne unit.  And a heat gain calculation specifically performed for your home will reveal just exactly what is going on “naturally” with your house’s heating and cooling, including the amount of insulation, number of windows and where they are, and more. A heat gain calculation may even reveal that updating your home’s insulation would allow you to install a smaller air conditioning unit and save money! Awesome, right?!

So when you call to find out about our air conditioning installation services and what to expect when our pros land on the scene, expect that we will not only install a unit, but that we will help educate you to get the absolute best unit for your home’s needs.  Let us help save you money, and keep you cool in this summer’s blistering heat!