Gas fireplacesGas fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning fires. They provide a significant amount of heat to warm the home and require very little maintenance to operate.

When selecting a gas fireplace, you’ll have three types to choose from: inserts, built-ins, or log sets. Inserts are what you get if you want to retrofit an existing wood fireplace and install a gas fireplace in its place. Built-ins are for when you are installing a fireplace where there currently isn’t one. Log sets are used to just set in an existing fireplace. They are the cheapest option, but the least realistic. Also, the inserts and built-ins give off a lot of radiant heat and do a great job of warming a room, whereas the log sets are mostly just for looks.

Gas fireplaces can burn either natural gas or propane. Natural gas costs less and produces a little bit more heat, so it is the optimal choice if available.

Gas fireplaces don’t require a lot of care. Just routine dusting and an annual inspection by a professional to be sure everything is in working order and safe to operate is adequate.

There are a few features you can look for when choosing your gas fireplace. A variable-flame height adjustment feature allows you to manually adjust the flame to your desired height. You can have a small flicker or a roaring fire, depending on your mood. A wall thermostat control automatically adjusts the heat output of the fire, so you have more control over the temperature of your home. Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a pilot light. This saves a little money on fuel costs. LED accent lighting adds flickering inside the firebox to make the fire look more realistic. Battery backup ensures the fire will light during a power outage. Each of these features adds to the convenience and enjoyment of having a fire by tailoring it to be exactly what you want.

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