Furnace When you turn off the heat in the springtime and flip to the AC in the summertime, do you ever think about your furnace? Goodness, no! Who would?

Well, did you know it’s probably still running?

It’s true! If you don’t turn it off, your furnace is still running, consuming gas and electricity even when it’s not actually being used, keeping your energy costs up and your wallet empty!

Think about it; you know that pilot light? That little light sits there all summer and burns gas! It’s great, because your furnace is ready to go with the flip of a switch every time it gets too cold, but it’s on 24/7 in the meantime.  In the middle of July. And August. And the beginning of September . . .  you get it.

There are all sorts of sensors and valves in your furnace, which are good things, of course, to help it work properly and keep you warm when necessary. But with them all switched to the ‘on’ position all the time . . . well, they’re using electricity! Just like your TV when you turn it “off” (which is really “standby”) and it’s still sucking energy unless you unplug it. Same with your furnace.

Not something you’d ever think of, right?

Now, don’t go turn it off and expect to see your bill drop by hundreds of dollars, but every little bit helps! Turning off your furnace in the summertime will save you about $40-50/year, which, when you combine it with all of your other energy-saving initiatives will really add up!

Of course, don’t do anything rash– make sure you know how to turn it back on, and/or have a pro relight the pilot light when winter rolls around again.  In fact, it may be best the next time you have us in to maintain your appliances that you just ask us about it so we can show you exactly what needs to be done.

Talking to us saves you money; you should do it!  Call us today for all of your heating and cooling needs, no matter the season!