Carrier humidifiersHumidifiers add moisture to the air in your home, making for a more comfortable living environment. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends the humidity level in your home be between 30-60%. Any higher, and you will probably start to develop mold. Lower than 30% tends to cause an overly dry mucus membrane, leading to nosebleeds and infections. A home that is too dry also tends to be colder, as well, causing you to crank up your thermostat in the winter and costing you more money. Also, if your home has hardwood floors or musical instruments, having too dry of air will age and warp them more quickly.

You can buy either single room or whole-home humidifiers, depending on your needs. If the dryness of your home only bothers you occasionally or for a couple months out of the year, you might be able to get by with a room humidifier. If you live in a drier climate and the dryness extends throughout most of the year, a whole-home humidifier would be a great choice.

Carrier humidifiers are a great choice when considering a humidifier for your home. Their units work in tandem with your air duct system to disperse vapor throughout your home. You can have Carrier humidifiers installed once and then shouldn’t have to worry about them again except once a year for a maintenance check. Depending on which model you choose, your Carrier humidifier can either use smart technology to decide when your home needs more humidity, or you can set your humidifier like a thermostat to your desired humidity level, and the humidifier will work to keep it at that level. Carrier humidifiers run very quietly and are easy to maintain. They are a great choice if you are looking for increased comfort in your home.