Residential AC When it comes to paying for residential AC, you probably feel like you’ve heard it all when it comes to minimizing what you pay to cool your home during the summer months of the year. If you’re looking for new ways to reduce what you pay for residential AC, at B&R Heating & Cooling, we have some ideas that may be able to help you out.

  • Close the Shades. When sun isn’t coming into your home directly through your windows, it’s easier for your air conditioner to keep your home cool. To maintain a consistent temperature in your home, close all of your blinds during the day. You may also want to plant leafy trees or bushes in front of your home to give it more coverage.
  • Turn Off the Oven. When you turn on your home’s oven, it heats up the rest of your house. This forces your residential AC system to work harder than it has to. Consider relying on more prepared foods or using your grill, stovetop, and toaster oven to heat up your food during the warmer months of the year.
  • Keep the Filters Clean. Dirty air filters can seriously impede on your air conditioning system’s ability to maintain its efficiency. To make sure that you aren’t overpaying for air conditioning, clean your home’s air filters on a regular basis. While every home is different, you should plan on giving your air filters a good cleaning every month.

It’s also a good idea to have us at B&R Heating & Cooling come to your home and perform preventive maintenance on your residential AC system. We’ll make sure your system is operating at maximum efficiency, so your cooling bills stay manageable throughout the summer months.