Air Conditioning RepairIt’s everyone’s summertime nightmare: a broken air conditioner! You know on those sweltering hot days how incredible it feels to walk inside and instantly be able to breathe.  And you know how awful it is to walk inside . . . and NOT have air conditioning! We’re feeling sick just thinking about it!

So how do you avoid that unexpectedly happening to you?

Well, first make sure you’ve had a fantastic Carrier central air conditioner installed by our pros, and then you need to take care of it!

The first and easiest way to take care of your AC unit and avoid air conditioning repair is, of course, to call us in the springtime and have us regularly maintain it.  Every spring, before the extreme heat hits, it’s important to check and make sure everything is working properly, and that’s what we’ll do.

But we want you to avoid having to call us on the hottest day of the year for that last-minute, emergency air conditioning repair.  It’s a good idea, once a month, to just double-check a few things and make sure they’re working in tip-top order.

First, check the condensing unit (the what? Don’t worry – we can show you!) and make sure it’s clear from leaves, cobwebs, and other icky outdoor stuff. If it’s not, just grab your garden hose and rinse it off.

Then, when it’s really humid, check the drain where the condensation leaves the unit, and make sure it’s actually draining.

Also, did you know you need to change the filters for the AC, too–not just your furnace? It actually needs to be changed a couple times a season!

So, don’t get caught in the heat, stuck with an inconvenient air conditioning repair.  It may be too late this year for your spring maintenance, but you can still make sure everything’s working fabulously right now by following these simple steps.