Heat Recovery Ventilator, Stayner, ON

We can help install and/or maintain a heat recovery ventilator at your home or office in Stayner.

Heat Recovery Ventilator in Stayner, OntarioThe cost to heat your home or office continues to rise, making it harder than ever to budget and plan ahead for utility bills. But one option you can add to your structure is a heat recovery ventilator, which combines warmth with air purification, producing a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere with air that’s healthy to breathe. The typical heat recovery ventilator unit contains two fans. One of the fans takes the stale air out of the building, while the second fan brings fresh air in from the outside.

A heat recovery ventilator is different from other types of heating options because it contains a heat-exchange core, which transfers heat from the engine to the air. It’s similar to the way a radiator in a car works, with incoming and outgoing airstreams that separate the flows of air and prevent them from mixing. It will also open fresh air ports to keep the air flowing, but the unit contains filters that prevent contaminants and allergens from coming in from the outside. These units are also very efficient, recovering as much as 85% of the heat in the air that goes out in the airstream. So adding a unit to your home or office is definitely a great option.

Our team at B&R Heating and Cooling can help install and/or maintain a heat recovery ventilator at your home or office in Stayner, Ontario. We have more than 20 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, so call us today for more information.

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