Heat Recovery Ventilator, Wasaga Beach, ON

Install a heat recovery ventilator in your Wasaga Beach home for fresh, clean air.

Heat Recovery Ventilator in Wasaga Beach, OntarioFresh air is so important to have in your home. Homes are built to be well-insulated so that heating and cooling systems can be as efficient as possible. A closed-up and well-insulated home can not only cause a stale odour, but it can also lead to negative health effects. Sometimes it isn’t always an option to open all your windows and air out your tightly insulated home, but a heat recovery ventilator can solve that problem for you, by providing you with fresh and well-ventilated air.

The most important reason for installing a heat recovery ventilator is for the health of you and your family members. Electrical and other processes that take place in a home cause moisture and gas buildup that needs to be expelled from the air; otherwise it can cause mould, low air-quality, and in some cases, carbon monoxide exposure. Your home needs proper ventilation to avoid causing health problems, but it also isn’t a good choice to open up your home in the middle of winter. The exposure to low temperatures and the increased need for your heating system to be running constantly to make up for the frigid air blasted through your home would negate the purpose of the activity.

A heat recovery ventilator is particularly important in cold climates when it isn’t an option to open your windows and doors mid-winter. This technology allows your home to have fresh air circulating constantly. If you’re ready to have a heat recovery ventilator installed in your Wasaga Beach, Ontario home, do not hesitate to call us at B&R Heating & Cooling.

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