B&R Heating & Cooling Testimonials

Blue Mountain

Name: John Marley


You saved the day when it mattered the most. I will never forget that. Thanks a ton.


Name: Jayden B


Couldn’t be happier with the service we received from B&R. Brady and his team completed high-quality work (at a competitive price) and were very reliable in terms of getting the work completed on time and helping us trouble-shoot additional, unforeseen, problems from our older furnace. I will continue to use B&R and would recommend this company to anyone looking to repair and/or upgrade their water system, fireplace, furnace, etc.


Name: Alan Eagleson


The boys did a great job,worked together well and we are very pleased. They left both work areas tidy and neat so Nancy was pleased with that effort. And I am happy Peter put me and Brady together a couple of years ago.

Name: Arlene Reemeyer


Rob did an excellent job of all the things I needed done. I really appreciate how quick, knowledgable and the quality of his work.

Name: S. Bragg


Thanks for helping us! Rob was great. Definitely the most thorough job we’ve ever had, especially on the fireplaces. If we could be added to a list for next year, as well as servicing of the a/c, that would be awesome.

Name: Richard Lex


Hello Brady,

Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation in acknowledgement of the excellent service that you have provided.

The installation of our furnace & air conditoning unit went well and you were very efficient/profesional in making the arrangements.

We of course referred you along to a neighbour and were pleased that they advised that all went well.

Yours truly,

Name: Richard Lex


Dear Brady,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the quality installations and service that you have provided to our company over the past 4 years.

Your HVAC solutions to some challenging projects and issues were most helpful. The use of a high efficacy boiler system at the Tremont was an excellent fit for this heritage restoration. It has provided a good heating source and has worked very well, practically considering the various tenancies in the building. The unit is also very efficient and has kept heating costs down.

I am also pleased to say that the heat pumps at 65 Simcoe are working out as planned. This has given each tenant control of the environment in their unit. Your technicians did a wonderful job and as always I have found them to be very professional.

I must add a big thank you Brady for your personal commitment to every job. The way you stand behind your work and products is exceptional. I am always very happy to recommend B& R to friends and colleagues.

Thanks again to you and your team. I’m looking forward to calling B&R again for our next project.


Name: Matthew L.


I cannot thank Brady and his team enough for their advice and service. Throughout the planning and installation of the Geothermal system into our new home they have been there when needed and delivered on time and to budget. Great work.

Name: Liz Peart


Thank you so much for your help! You have provided outstanding customer service.

Name: Dr. John Knight


Dear Mr. Rahn:

It has been my observation over the years that people are very quick to complain but seldom express a compliment when one is due.

Having said that, the purpose of my writing is to express to you how much I have appreciated the quality of your service/installation technicians over the past two years.

Most recently (October 31, 2013), Tony and Rae replaced my water heater tank. I had been quite anxious about having this job done, as I was well aware of the complexity involved.

I was most impressed the way in which these two men handled the job. They were thorough, paying much attention to detail, very compliant to my requests or in answering my questions and left my house as if nothing had happened in it that day. Needless to say I am very pleased.

Congratulations to you and your company for having technicians of this quality representing B&R.

Yours Truly,

Name: Alisa Hoggard


Thanks again for a great job! I’ve already given your company’s name to a couple of people inquiring.


Name: Laura & Brent


I wanted to share my experience with your company. We had our central air conditioning installed today, my primary contact was with Andrew and I am writing this to acknowledge what I consider to be EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

Andrew was knowledgeable, articulate and very capable of explaining the system to me in layman’s terms. Andrew was very considerate in explaining the manner in which our other items (i.e., HVAC system and furnace) can interact with the air conditioning.

Overall, it was a positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend your company based on this.

Name: Sean Dolan


We’ll recommend B and R to anyone in need of heating and cooling help.


Name: David Lindsay


To Whom It May Concern,

I have just had a four-ton Geothermal Furnace installed at my home by B&R Hearth and Geothermal.

I had had two other companies look at our situation and neither satisfied me as to their knowledge in addressing my specific problems. I had given up hope of using Geothermal and instead use high efficiency propane. Coincidentally I was having a generator installed and my electrician, Michael Rigney, told me I should speak to Brady Rahn of B&R before I gave up. To my pleasant surprise Brady presented me with a solution to my installation and within a month my installation was complete to my full satisfaction.

Brady and his team arrived on the day that was planned and within two days a neat and clean installation was complete. Every request I made was handled it a most professional and efficient manner and every detail was looked after exactly as Brady said it would. After the ground had settled, three weeks following the installation of the furnace, final rough landscaping was done by B&R and the job was immaculate.

B&R attended to all the paperwork that was required to obtain the government grants and I only needed to sign a few papers that were explained to me by a very knowledgeable B&R staff person.

I highly recommend B&R and would be more that pleased to speak to anyone who is thinking of doing business with the firm. Sincerely,

Wasaga Beach

Name: Mary Lou and David Hill
Wasaga Beach, Ontario


Thank you so much for the excellent service your company provided to us. You did an excellent job supplying and installing our beautiful new continental fireplace and propane lines for the outdoor barbeques.

Your company was extremely professional in all aspects from the initial visit to review the site and products available, to scheduling installation times, to actually install the lines and then to the final visit.

Please include us on your list of references, I am sure it is a long one.

Best regards,

Name: Ryan Bailey, CEO, Underground Sonc Drilling Services Inc.
Wasaga Beach


B&R Hearth & Geothermal’s commitment and dedication to a project is top-rate. Their honesty and knowledge of HVAC equipment and installations is reassuring and impressive, not only for us but for our clients and their unique projects. We wish B&R all the best for continued growth and success.


Name: Fiona Phillips


Thank you so much for your help in resolving the issues I had with my furnace. The work you did was very much appreciated. I even noticed that the bent metal support had been straightened! A small job maybe but probably an essential one. Thank you for taking the time to attend to that… very professional.

I’m pleased to report that the furnace is running very well.

Name: Louise & Dave West


I was delighted to be asked by B & R Heating & Cooling to give a testimonial for their product and services. What can I say but B & R are AWESOME!!! We had Brady and the boys come to the store, installed the heating/cooling equipment down in the store at D & L Family Variety Nottawa and put the units upstairs in our apartment. They were always very courteous of our customers downstairs and made as little mess as they possibly could but made sure everything was protected and covered up.

It was exactly the same upstairs. Not only that they had to move two existing wall mounted air units upstairs and down in the store, again with very little muss or fuss. The amount they charged was more than reasonable, and having Scott blood in me, I had got other quotes! Any problems we had all we had to do was pick up the phone and the boys were right there to deal with it. We are now using the Company to service our units as they do a excellent job of that also.

I would highly recommend B & R Heating & Cooling to anyone as their workmanship and integrity is bar none.

Name: Larry


Brady; a big thanks to you and the whole B&R team for the excellent advice, the superior installations and the timely service of our heating and cooling upgrades at both the farm and the office this year. Your pros and cons analysis of the options for converting from oil to propane heat at the farm simplified the complexity and made a difficult decision easy.

I greatly appreciated B&R’s total project approach; taking care of everything including the dismantling of the old oil chimney, repairing the roof and installing the propane gas line. The Navien tankless hot water heater has proven an excellent choice, handling both our heating and hot water needs. Best of all your installation team arrived, installed and departed on time and below estimate. And, most importantly, a few months later when we wanted some adjustments to the system you arrived the same day and made it happen.

At the office it was the same story of good advice and efficient installation. The Mitsubishi heat pump is proving very popular with staff members. It has solved both the heating and cooling problems in this century old building and provides each office with individual temperature control. A great solution, thanks again. Best regards


Name: Charles Smith


Many, many thx for looking after that for me & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I know that needs a wood stove etc. Cheers & thanks again.


Name: Dianna Hector


To: Anne Marie and Linda

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. Rob Rafferty replaced the blower in my gas fireplace. I love it so much that the evenings were just not the same when it wasn’t working fully. He ordered the new part, installed it and even cleaned my fireplace glass for me. He gave me some very useful tips and worked in a clean, efficient manner. He tested everything and left with a smile .

As you well know, it is increasingly difficult to find good, skilled people these days but Rob is a treasure. Thank you for looking after all of my heating and cooling equipment. When I move, after selling, I am recommending your company to the new buyers.



Name: Doug


Thanks for arranging Rob’s visit. He is a great ambassador for the company in addition to those technical skills that I am sure he was hired for.