Ductless AC, Wasaga Beach, ON

When it comes to having a ductless AC unit installed or serviced in Wasaga Beach, ON, B&R Heating & Cooling is the company to call.

161366283-Ductless AC, Wasaga Beach, ONDuctless AC is a great option for home or business owners looking for a simple yet efficient interior cooling option. A ductless AC system is a great option for a building without existing ductwork or if you are looking to cool a specific area of your dwelling. Often referred to as a ‘mini-split’ system, a ductless AC unit has two components: a unit mounted on an inside wall or ceiling that delivers cold air and an outside unit that is mounted to the side of a building. There is a refrigerant line that runs between the two, with one delivering power to the unit and the other removing condensation. The blower on the indoor unit is variably quiet and has a thermostat control panel.

A ductless AC unit is a safer and more efficient cooling alternative to a window-mounted air conditioning unit. It enables the homeowner to keep a room or area of the home at a consistently cool temperature without the interruption of intermittent air blasting on and off. It also carries less safety concerns than that of a window-mounted unit. Also, while window air conditioners need to be removed after the cooling season is over, a ductless AC can remain in place and simply be turned off for the season.

When it comes to having a ductless AC unit installed or serviced, B&R Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We are a family-owned business and boast over 20 years of professional heating and cooling experience. We proudly service the Wasaga Beach, Ontario area.

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