Air Conditioners, Elmvale, ON

We are here to help you keep your Elmvale home comfortable and cool by properly maintaining your air conditioner.

Air Conditioners in Elmvale, Ontario

As you are preparing for warmer temperatures, you definitely want to make sure your air conditioner is working. Here are a few tips that could mean you need your air conditioner repaired or replaced.

  • Air coming from the vents is not cool, but feels lukewarm
  • Air does not seem to be blowing from the vents very well
  • The thermostat is not very sensitive to temperature adjustments
  • Your utility bills are increasingly more expensive each month
  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old

We have a few different types of air conditioners, including ductless air conditioners and central air conditioners.

  • Ductless air conditioners, as their name implies, don’t require ducts. They work by constantly regulating the air in each specific space. They keep a room the same temperature throughout the day. We recommend ductless air conditioners for homes that are older, especially those that don’t have ducts already installed.
  • Central air conditioners work by cooling the air and then distributing it to rooms throughout the house via ducts. We recommend central AC for homes in which you want to keep all rooms the same temperature, but don’t mind that the system will regularly turn on and off as it senses a need to change the home’s temperature. It also adds value to your home to have a central AC system, which makes it a great investment.

At B&R Heating & Cooling, we are here to help you keep your Elmvale, Ontario home comfortable and cool by properly maintaining your air conditioner. Contact us today to learn more!


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