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Air Conditioning ServicesHaving a central air conditioning system installed in your home may seem like a headache, but in reality, it is less disruptive and more affordable than you may think. If your home already had a duct system, then central air conditioning installation will be relatively easy.

Working with a professional air conditioning installation company like B&R Heating & Cooling in Collingwood, Ontario can help you determine exact costs for your installation.  We can help in every aspect of installing your new air conditioning unit, including:

  • Evaluating your home to reveal the size of central air conditioning unit your house requires.
  • Helping you understand your new central air conditioning unit’s efficiency and how better-quality units have lower operating costs.
  • Determining what type of system you should buy, whether it’s a package system that connects directly to the ducting or a split system, where the condenser is located outside the house and the fan-and-coil system is inside.
  • Proper placement of the unit. Even the quietest condensers can make noise, so it’s important to work with the technician to avoid placing noisy units near bedrooms or home offices.

If you want to inquire about central air conditioning installation for your home, contact us today. Our expert Comfort Consultants can review with you the cost of adding a unit to your home as well as help you determine which model is best for you.

Contact us today and let us help you stay comfortable all year long!

Zuba Central

Because of our long and frigid winters, Canadians are most well-versed than most people on the science of staying warm! That’s why our team at B&R Heating & Cooling is excited to tell our customers about Zuba Central, a revolutionary heating & cooling system designed specifically for the Canadian Climate. The Zuba Central system works with your current duct work, but rather than using gas, it relies of electricity to efficiently heat and cool your home or business.

The compact design of Zuba Central allows it to heat and cool your space while taking up very little space and can even be mounted to the wall, if desired. Not only is it whisper quiet and compact, but the Zuba Central system is extremely efficient and powerful. Contact us today for more information about installing the Zuba Central system in your Collingwood, Ontario home or business today.




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